The goal of this project is to implement an open source emulation framework with C# under .NET 2.0.  All source code is released under the LGPL license.


The first draft of the code (version 0.1) has been published for download.  This version includes a largely functional Intel 8080 processor along with some MITS Altair 8800 devices.  The code is being released early in hopes that other developers will participate in the project.  The ultimate goal is to implement an educational, high-documented reference emulator under .NET and C#.

Over 30 Years Old...

The following screenshot shows the 4K version of MITS-BASIC (written by Bill Gates) running in a hosted version of the emulator.


Additional Information


Download Emulation Suite for .NET, Alpha version 0.1.1
     No changes from the prior version.  Solution files and samples have been upgraded to Visual Studio 2008.