UnIgnore Attribute for NUnit

This class makes it easier to "un-ignore" tests in NUnit (www.nunit.org).  Both Visual Basic.NET and C# versions are provided.


The NUnit framework has a useful attribute called Ignore.  This attribute instructs NUnit to ignore a test for whatever reason.  However, NUnit does not provide an easy way of temporarily "un-ignoring" a test.  You must either delete the attribute (and lose the explanation string) or comment it out (which can be irritating if you have multiple attributes on the same line).

The UnIgnore attribute allows you to quickly "comment out" the Ignore attribute.  Simple type "Un" in front of the attribute name.  Delete the "Un" when you want the test to be ignored again.  The capitalization "UnIgnore" is intentional (it allows you to type "Un" without unnecessary edits in case-sensitive languages).  Simply add UnIgnoreAttribute.cs or UnIgnoreAttribute.vb to your unit testing project.  You can also add the attribute to the NUnit.Framework source code and recompile.


Note: Delete the .txt extension after downloading.

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