Resurrection of the Dead BBS

The Thought Project BBS Engine is an ongoing project to write a classic BBS with modern software development technologies, in particular C# under the .NET 2.0 framework.  The engine will serve as both a core library for creating BBS programs, as well as a development kit for creating door games and BBS utilities.  The library will be released under the LGPL license, with at least one BBS implementation released under GPL.

Status: I am organizing the code into several re-usable modules; each will be managed as a separate open source project.  The Telnet Class Library has been published on CodePlex and this web site.  This will be followed by the Terminal I/O library in April July, September 2007.  The terminal library provides support for ANSI terminals, embedded control codes, etc., and is basically a general-purpose library for creating text-based applications.  The BBS engine will follow shortly.  In the meantime you can browse work-in-progress documentation.  Contact me at if you want to participate now.


September 1st, 2007: The first alpha version of terminal I/O library has been released.  This is a general-purpose library for creating console (text) applications.  It currently supports both local (system) consoles and remote (serial) consoles.  Features include: support for ANSI and AVATAR terminals, many different types of macros (e.g. WildCat, ANSI, AVATAR, etc), rich input prompts, and so on.  The Terminal library contains everything needed by the BBS engine to handle input and output.  Go to to download the library.

It is now possible to create a door with the terminal library and the telnet library.  Of course, the BBS library will contain useful routines for using drop files, etc., but nevertheless it is possible to start a door project now.

August 28, 2007: Slight delays due to outside work and enhancements to the vCard class library.  Work on the terminal I/O library has resumed; the code is finished -- only stabilization and unit testing remains.  ETA is around the 1st of September.

June 11, 2007: The Telnet library has been enhanced.  Go to for downloads.  The Terminal I/O library is nearly finished (first version) and will be published shortly. 

March 30, 2007: The Telnet component of the BBS engine has been published on CodePlex for open source development.   You can participate in the development of the general Telnet library by going to  Also refer to the Telnet section on this web site.

March 17, 2007: The BBS has successfully executed two DOS-based door games: Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD) and Kannons & Katapults (KNK).  LORD was the most popular door game of all time due to its humor and replay value.  KNK was not as popular but nevertheless built a dedicated fan base.  The next step is to flesh out the door configuration system (e.g. storage, options, etc) and then write a script to dynamically build a door menu for callers.

Legend of the Red Dragon (splash screen)  Kannons and Katapults game screen

See more screenshots here (large).

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